Feyachi BS39 Bore Sight - 12 Gauge Laser Boresighter

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The 12 gauge bore sight provides the most convenient and accurate method for sighting in 12 gauge shotgun. No more trips to the range to sight in your equipment you can sight in anywhere with this laser bore sight. It designed for firearms chambered in 12 gauge. This device is placed in the chamber, and projects a visible beam on to a wall or other flat surface. Adjust and zero-in your optics or iron sights without ever firing a round. It makes the process much faster, easier, and ensures you don’t waste precious ammunition during these times. Sighting range of the bore sight is 30 to 300 yards.

Machined from solid brass. The bore sighter very made and are easy to use. There is no on/off switch,the laser is actuated by tightening the end-cap, and will stay on until loosened again.

Powerful Green Laser

Green dot sight can provide longer distance sighting than red laser bore sight, sighting range of the green dot laser bore sight is 30 to 300 yards.

 Easy to use

Bore sight kit make the red dot sight to zero much faster. Saved your time and ammo. 

Package included

1 X Bore Sight

9 X LR44 Battery