Fine-tune your firearms with Feyachi's Bore Sights collection, the essential tool for every marksman. Our bore sights provide a fast and accurate method to sight-in your firearms. Each bore sight is designed to fit specific calibers, ensuring precision alignment with your firearm's barrel. Whether for hunting, tactical, or sport shooting, these bore sights are a must-have for efficient zeroing and calibration. The Feyachi Bore Sights range offers convenience and accuracy, saving you time and ammunition.
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Feyachi Bore Sights Collection 

Discover Feyachi Bore Sights collection, essential tools for every marksman aiming to fine-tune their firearms. Our bore sights offer fast and accurate sight-in methods, designed to fit specific calibers for precise alignment. Perfect for hunting, tactical, or sport shooting, these bore sights ensure efficient zeroing and calibration, saving time and ammunition.

Why Choose Feyachi Bore Sights?

Precision Alignment

Feyachi bore sights ensure precise alignment with your firearm's barrel, enhancing shooting accuracy.

Durable Construction

Made from high-quality materials, our bore sights are built to withstand regular use and tough conditions.

User-Friendly Design

Easy to install and remove, our bore sights offer hassle-free adjustments, making them suitable for all shooters.


How do bore sights improve shooting accuracy? 

Bore sights help align your firearm's sights with the barrel, ensuring your shots are on target, reducing the need for extensive live fire adjustments.

Are Feyachi bore sights compatible with multiple calibers? 

Yes, Feyachi offers bore sights designed for a variety of calibers, ensuring compatibility with different firearms for precise sighting.

Can bore sights be used in low-light conditions? 

Absolutely! Many of our bore sights feature laser technology that is visible in low-light conditions, making them versatile for different shooting environments.