Feyachi FM11 Camo Face Mask - Hunting Concealment

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About this item

  • INCREDIBLE CAMO FACE MASK FOR A LOW PRICE! - The perfect camo face mask for turkey hunting, duck hunting and bow hunting and no need to paint your face!
  • BREATHABLE, QUICK DRYING MATERIAL! - These camo face masks are made out of lightweight, quick drying material making them the perfect camo full face masks to keep you concealed and comfortable during your bowhunting or gun trips. Stay concealed and in “stealth mode” in the woods!
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST! - This camo face mask can be used for many types of hunting and is designed to fit on most head sizes for a natural and comfortable feel. Wear for hours in comfort! Works on with adult hunters as well as youth hunters.
  • CAMOFLAUGE PATTERN IS SWEET! - Camo face mask hunting color blends with hunting situations to remain out of sight of turkeys, native and exotic deer, ducks, wild hogs and other wild game species.
  • EXTENDED NECKLINE FOR EXTRA CONCEALMENT - Specially designed extended neckline will ensure that skin is concealed while hunting. The neck area can either be worn on the outside of clothing or tucked inside for a streamlined fit.

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