Feyachi Iron Sight Flip Up Sight Fiber Optics Red Green Dots Sight Front and Rear Backup Iron Sights for Rifle

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About this item

  • Spring Loaded Sight: Sight will instantly pop up when the button on the base is pressed in the flat state, making it easy to quickly enter the aiming state for capture, and manually flatten Sight by pressing and holding the button, which can be used together with the red dot aiming/scope, etc., and greatly improves the compatibility.
  • High Brightness Fiber Optics: The use of high transmittance fiber optics, the refraction effect of light is more obvious, so whether in the bright day or dark night can be through the fiber optic point of clear aiming, in any light conditions are able to distinguish between the target.
  • Aiming Mode: The rear sight adopts the CQB mode suitable for close-range aiming, and it can be switched to the precision mode after reversing, which is more suitable for long-distance or precise aiming; the different aiming modes are embedded with fiber-optic dots, adaptable to more diverse environments and different usage habits.

CQB Mode

When the rear sight is switched to CQB mode, aiming through a larger round hole is suitable for scenarios such as close-range aiming or alley fighting.

CQB ModePrecision Mode

When the rear sight is switched to precision mode, aiming through a smaller round hole is suitable for precise aiming and shooting at medium to long distances.


The front red and rear green fiber optic dots are made of highly translucent material, enabling clear aiming in both day and night, and the four fiber optic dots of the rear sight can be aimed at in different modes.


Unique button pop-up feature allows sight to pop up quickly when pressed and quickly get into a shooting aiming position. Press the switch again to manually fold the sight.