Feyachi S47 Fiber Optic Iron Sights

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High Transmittance

Iron sight optical fiber is made of composite material, which can absorb light of a specific wavelength, has a better light concentrating and transmitting effect, and can capture the target more quickly and accurately when aiming, which greatly improves the use efficiency and hit rate.

Rigorous Testing

Gun sights have been tested before leaving the factory, under 800G gravity acceleration, it can still maintain accuracy after 500 impacts, which is equivalent to 500 consecutive shots and still be able to aim accurately, and the high-strength aluminum alloy is anodized to make it more drop-proof and durable.

Flip Up Design

Both front and rear are flip up sights designs, The aiming point can be manually folded/erected by pressing the button on the side. Better adaptability when mounting different scopes, It can meet the needs of use according to different collocations, which can make it more efficient and convenient to use.

Especificaciones del producto

Achieve Enhanced Target Acquisition: The iron sight's optical fiber, crafted from composite material, absorbs specific wavelengths of light, ensuring superior light concentration and transmission. This results in quicker and more accurate target acquisition, significantly enhancing efficiency and hit rate during aiming.

Rigorous Durability Testing: Prior to leaving the factory, the gun sights undergo comprehensive testing. Withstanding up to 800G gravity acceleration and enduring 500 impacts without losing accuracy, equivalent to 500 consecutive shots, the sights maintain precise aiming. Additionally, the high-strength aluminum alloy construction, anodized for added durability, ensures resilience against drops and impacts.

Convenient Flip-Up Design: Featuring flip-up designs for both front and rear sights, manual folding and erection are easily achieved by pressing the side button. This design offers enhanced adaptability when mounting different scopes, catering to diverse usage scenarios and providing efficiency and convenience.

Precision and Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Capabilities: The rifle iron sights rear sight offers versatility with two modes: "CQB" features a red fiber optic dot for quick aiming in close-range environments like street fighting and indoors, while "Precision" delivers precise aiming for medium and long distances. Users can seamlessly switch between modes based on their needs and preferences.

Adjustable Sight for Versatility: The rear sight is equipped with a wind deflection adjustment knob on the side, allowing for precise distance adjustments with the included scale. Additionally, while the front sight requires an additional tool for adjustment, its compatibility with Picatinny rails ensures easy installation using the included Allen wrench.

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Item Package Dimensions L x W x H:‎2.99 x 2.83 x 0.75 inches

Package Weight‎:0.11 Kilograms

Includes:Rear Sight × 1,Front Sight × 1,Allen Wrench × 1