Feyachi BS60 Bore Sighting Laser – 9-mm-Laser-Zielsucher

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Precise Targeting

The Feyachi 9mm Laser Bore sighter offers a upgrade red dot laser zeroing and targeting system, Improved aiming accuracy and ensuring quickly zero, Reduce Cartridges and Shells Wasted

Creative Design

Feyachi 9mm Bore Sight laser for Pistol features the unique design button switch technology on the market, press of the Tail button switch activates the bore laser, multiple use without disassembly, solve the problem of battery loss, Costs 2X less money for you

Upgraded Batteries

Feyachi's 3 sets (9 in total) of upgraded batteries each last up to 58 minutes. 31% longer service life than others. Combined with the power-saving button switch design,you'll never have to consider a more expensive laser sight with more batteries again!


Introducing the Feyachi 9mm Laser Bore Sighter, your ultimate solution for precise targeting and zeroing with your handgun. With its upgraded red dot laser system, this bore sighter ensures improved aiming accuracy, allowing you to quickly zero in on your target and reduce wasted cartridges and shells.

Featuring innovative button switch technology, the Feyachi 9mm Bore Sight laser for Pistol offers ease of use with its tail button switch. No need for disassembly - simply press the button to activate the bore laser, saving you time and hassle while ensuring multiple uses without battery loss. Plus, with Feyachi's upgraded batteries, you'll enjoy longer service life, lasting up to 58 minutes each set, and 31% longer than others on the market.

Crafted with quality in mind, the Feyachi 9mm Laser Bore Sight boasts rugged curved brass construction, providing excellent deformation resistance and pressure cushioning ability. This ensures maintained aiming accuracy without wobbles that could lead to large deviations in your shots.

Utilizing a safe and reliable Class IIIA red laser, this bore sighting accessory allows for accurate targeting within a range of 15 to 100 yards. With Feyachi, you can trust in quality, reliability, and precision for all your handgun aiming needs.

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Item Package Dimensions L x W x H:‎2.76 x 1.54 x 0.67 inches

Package Weight‎:0.02 Kilograms

Package included:1 X Red Bore Sight,9 X LR41 Battery