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Feyachi Strategic Brand Upgrading Announcement

Feyachi Strategic Brand Upgrading Announcement

Jan.2 2024 – Feyachi, a prominent player in the technology sector, proudly announces a strategic brand upgrading initiative, positioning itself for the promising landscape of 2024. Specializing in outdoor sports products, Feyachi’s significant brand upgrading reflects the company's commitment to redefining its brand presence and reinforcing its status as a premier provider of professional outdoor sports products.

The pivotal move involves securing the domain, aligning seamlessly with the brand name and imparting a succinct and memorable identity. This intentional shift towards a shorter, more impactful name underscores the company's vision to solidify its standing as a top-tier source for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Feyachi Rebranding

Commenting on the brand upgrading, the marketing manager of Feyachi stated, " Over the years, our focus has been on providing customers with top-notch outdoor tactical flashlights through our store. Yet, we aspire for our customers to associate our brand, Feyachi, with their experiences rather than just the store. Our goal is for customers to remember Feyachi as a shortened, memorable representation that encapsulates our mission and core values, making it easy for them to share our brand identity."

Accompanying the brand upgrading, Feyachi has introduced enhancements to its official website, including:

  • A prominent flashlight-shaped logo on the home page, accentuated with the Feyachi target at the top.
  • A sleek, dark design throughout the entire website, visually aligning with the brand's focus on flashlight and outdoor sports goods.
  • Emphasis on key brand details, such as best sellers, the integrated shop for tactical flashlights and gear, dealer information, and a dedicated blog.
  • Strengthened security features, including a 30-day home trial, a 2-year warranty, and secure payment options, showcasing the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Feyachi rebranding

To celebrate the brand upgrade and welcome the new year, Feyachi extends a Happy New Year discount which can be up to 60% on tactical flashlights, red dot sights, lasers and other gear. Customers can avail themselves of this limited-time offer and experience the superior quality of Feyachi products, including popular items like the RS28 Reflex Sight, RS-25 Reflex Sight, RDS-22 Red Dot Sight, FL11 1200 Lumen tactical flashlights, and more, exclusively at Feyachi official webiste.

About Feyachi

Feyachi, a cutting-edge technology enterprise specializing in Outdoor Sports Products, proudly asserts its position as a premier supplier in the industry. With dedicated teams focused on product development, design, rigorous quality control, and efficient operations, Feyachi is rapidly emerging as a leading global supplier, serving an expanding customer base worldwide. Committed to delivering high-quality products and impeccable service, Feyachi continues to innovate in the dynamic landscape of outdoor sports products.

Address: 1942 Broadway St., STE 314C. 80302, USA


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