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Best Tactical Flashlight Review in 2024: Feyachi's Lineup

Best Tactical Flashlight Review in 2024: Feyachi's Lineup

In this in-depth review, I will delve into six tactical flashlights from Feyachi's range. As an avid firearms and tactical gear enthusiast, I'll provide a thorough analysis from multiple perspectives including usability, performance, durability, and value for money.

1. Feyachi WL25 Professional Tactical Flashlight

Feyachi WL25 Tactical Flashlight

The Feyachi WL25 is a robust, powerful tactical flashlight with a 1200 lumens output. It's designed for versatility with three modes: high, low, and strobe. The flashlight features a durable build and is equipped with a USB rechargeable battery, making it both eco-friendly and convenient. Its fixed Picatinny rail mount makes it a reliable choice for tactical users who need a sturdy and bright light source.

Brightness & Modes: The 1200 lumens high brightness offers excellent visibility in dark environments. The three modes (high, low, and strobe) adapt to various scenarios.

Build & Design: Robust construction with a tactical edge. However, its bulkier design might not be ideal for compact firearm setups.

Battery & Charging: A USB rechargeable battery is a modern touch, but the battery life could be a concern for extended use.

Mounting & Usability: Fixed Picatinny rail mount limits versatility but offers solid stability.

Price & Value: Moderately priced, it's a solid choice for general tactical use, balancing cost and features effectively.


  • High Lumen Output: At 1200 lumens, it offers excellent brightness.
  • Versatile Modes: High, low, and strobe modes cater to different situations.
  • USB Rechargeable Battery: Convenient and eco-friendly.


  • Bulkier Design: It may not be ideal for compact firearm setups.
  • Limited Mounting Options: Fixed Picatinny rail mount restricts versatility.

2. Feyachi FL11 MB Tactical Flashlight

The FL11 MB is a sleek, matte black tactical flashlight that combines style with functionality. It offers a bright 1200 lumens light and a pressure switch for ease of use in tactical situations. The flashlight comes with rechargeable batteries, balancing performance with sustainability. Its Picatinny mount ensures it can be securely attached to a variety of firearms.

Aesthetics & Functionality: The sleek matte black finish is both stylish and practical. The 1200 lumens output is impressive, but the weight is a consideration for handling.

Battery Life & Efficiency: Comes with rechargeable batteries, though the life span under continuous high mode could be better.

Ease of Use: The inclusion of a pressure switch is a significant advantage for tactical situations.

Mounting Flexibility: Picatinny mount offers reliable mounting but lacks the versatility of a universal mounting system.

Price Assessment: Priced reasonably, it's an excellent option for those seeking a balance between quality and budget.


  • Sleek Matte Black Finish: Aesthetically pleasing and non-reflective.
  • Pressure Switch Included: Enhances ease of use during tactical operations.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: Cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


  • Weight: Slightly heavier, which might affect handling.
  • Battery Life: Could be improved for prolonged use.

3. Feyachi FL17 Light

Feyachi FL17 Weapon Light - 1200 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

Feyachi FL17 is a high-performance tactical flashlight, delivering 1200 lumens of bright light. It stands out with its Mlok rail mount, offering greater compatibility with different firearms. The package includes batteries and a charger, adding value for the user. Its slightly larger size is a trade-off for its robust build and efficient lighting capability.

Lumens & Efficiency: 1200 lumens provide powerful illumination. The efficiency under different modes is commendable.

Design & Build Quality: Slightly larger, which might be cumbersome for smaller firearms. The build quality is sturdy, and suitable for rugged use.

Battery & Accessories: The inclusion of batteries and a charger adds value. However, the longevity of the battery could be improved.

Mounting Options: The Mlok rail mount enhances compatibility with various firearms, a significant plus.

Cost vs. Features: A bit on the pricier side, but the additional features and build quality justify the investment for advanced users.


  • Mlok Rail Mount: Offers greater compatibility with various firearms.
  • Bright and Efficient: 1200 lumens with good battery efficiency.
  • Complete Kit: Comes with batteries and charger.


  • Size: A bit large for smaller firearms.
  • Switch Durability: The pressure switch could be more robust.

4. Feyachi FL22 MB Tactical Flashlight

The FL22 MB is a premium tactical flashlight featuring a low-profile Mlok mount, ideal for streamlined firearm setups. It shines brightly with 1200 lumens and is built to last with a durable construction. This model is designed for serious users who prioritize a balance of high-quality illumination and sleek design in their tactical gear.

Brightness & Beam Quality: Excellent illumination capability with 1200 lumens. The beam quality is consistent and clear.

Design Aspect: The low-profile Mlok mount is ideal for streamlined setups, though it limits the flashlight's versatility.

Durability & Reliability: Robust construction ensures long-term reliability, a crucial factor for tactical gear.

Battery Considerations: Rechargeable batteries are included, but the overall battery performance could be enhanced.

Pricing: Positioned in the higher-end segment, it's targeted towards serious users who prioritize quality and design.


  • Low Profile Mlok Mount: Great for streamlined setups.
  • High Brightness: Excellent illumination capability.
  • Robust Construction: Durable and reliable.


  • Limited Lighting Modes: Lacks versatility in lighting options.
  • Price: Slightly higher, which might deter budget buyers.

5. Feyachi FL21 MB Flashlight

Feyachi FL21 MB Flashlight

The Feyachi FL21 MB is a straightforward, user-friendly tactical flashlight. It offers a solid 1200 lumens output, suitable for basic tactical needs. The flashlight's simple design is complemented by its rechargeable battery feature, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. It's an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable, no-frills tactical light.

Functionality & Output: Offers a straightforward design with a good lumen output. Suitable for basic tactical needs.

Build & Ergonomics: The construction is solid, but the flashlight lacks advanced ergonomic features.

Battery Life & Charging: The rechargeable feature is eco-friendly, though the battery life is average.

Mounting & Compatibility: Limited mounting options compared to other models in the lineup.

Affordability: Highly affordable, making it an ideal entry-level option for those needing a basic but reliable tactical flashlight.


  • Simple Design: Easy to use and maintain.
  • Good Lumen Output: Adequate for most tactical situations.
  • Rechargeable: Eco-friendly and cost-effective.


  • Basic Features: Lacks advanced functionalities.
  • Mounting Options: Limited compared to other models.

6. Feyachi FL14 MB Tactical Flashlight

Feyachi FL14-MB Tactical Flashlight with Mount - 1200 Lumen Mlok

The FL14 MB is a versatile and ergonomic tactical flashlight, offering a high brightness level of 1200 lumens. It features a stylish matte black finish and is designed for ease of use with various mounting options. The flashlight comes with rechargeable batteries, providing a good balance of functionality and sustainability. It's a great option for users looking for a blend of performance, versatility, and aesthetic appeal.

Light Output & Modes: A high brightness level ensures clear visibility. The modes are versatile, catering to different tactical situations.

Design & Aesthetics: The matte black finish is both practical and appealing. The design is ergonomic, but the weight could be a factor for some users.

Battery & Usage: Comes with rechargeable batteries. The battery life is decent, but improvements would be beneficial.

Mounting Versatility: Offers more versatile mounting options, a significant advantage for users with diverse setups.

Price Point: Mid-range pricing makes it a well-rounded choice for those seeking a balance of features and cost.


  • Matte Black Finish: Stylish and practical.
  • Versatile Mounting: Compatible with different firearms.
  • High Brightness Level: Ensures clear visibility.


  • Battery Life: Could benefit from longer battery life.
  • Switch Mechanism: The pressure switch could be more intuitive.

Detailed Comparative Table of Feyachi Tactical Flashlights

WL25 FL11 MB FL17 FL22 MB FL21 MB FL14 MB
Mount Type Picatinny Picatinny Mlok Mlok Basic Versatile
Battery Type USB Rechargeable Rechargeable Batteries Included Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable
Weight Moderate Slightly Heavy Moderate Moderate Light Moderate
Build Quality Robust Sturdy Durable High-Quality Solid Ergonomic
Price Range Moderate Budget Higher High Affordable Moderate
Best For General Use Budget Quality Advanced Users Premium Quality Basic Needs Versatility
Additional Features USB Charging Pressure Switch Charger Included Low-Profile Mount Simple Design Aesthetic Appeal

Comparative Analysis and Recommendations

In summary, each Feyachi tactical flashlight caters to different needs and preferences, making the selection process highly dependent on individual requirements.

  • For General Use: The Feyachi WL25 Professional is an all-rounder, offering a good balance of brightness, durability, and versatility. It's suitable for users who need a reliable light source for various tactical situations.
  • For Budget-Conscious Users: The FL11 MB stands out as a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. It's ideal for those who are looking for a solid tactical flashlight without a hefty price tag.
  • For Advanced Users: The FL17 is tailored for users who require advanced features like a Mlok rail mount and a comprehensive kit with batteries and a charger. Its robust build and efficient lighting make it a top choice for serious tactical enthusiasts.
  • For Premium Quality Seekers: The FL22 MB is the go-to for those who prioritize sleek design and high-quality construction. Its low-profile Mlok mount and premium build cater to users who want the best in terms of both aesthetics and performance.
  • For Basic Needs: The Feyachi FL21 MB Flashlight is perfect for those who need a straightforward, no-frills tactical light. Its simple design and rechargeable battery make it an excellent choice for everyday use.
  • For Versatility Lovers: The FL14 MB is the most versatile option, suitable for users who value a balance of performance, design, and mounting flexibility. Its ergonomic build and aesthetic appeal make it a great all-purpose tactical flashlight.

In choosing the right tactical flashlight, consider factors like the specific use case, desired features, budget, and personal preferences in terms of design and ergonomics. Each Feyachi model offers unique advantages, ensuring that there's a flashlight for every type of user, from casual to professional.

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