Feyachi BS51 Green Bore Sight - Mirino laser da 9 mm

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Feyachi BS51 Green Bore Sight - 9mm Laser Boresighter

Easy to use

Adjust and zero-in your optics or iron sights without ever firing a round. It makes the process much faster, easier, and ensures you don’t waste precious ammunition during these times.

Specific caliber

The Feyachi 9mm red laser bore sight is made to fit the 9mm chamber, caliber specific. Do not force the chamber into other calibers to avoid damaging your weapon.

Upgrade Battery

3 sets of upgraded (9 LR41) batteries. Each group can last one hour. Note, please tear off the clear plastic first, then put in new batteries. Please remove the batteries after use.

High Accuracy

High accuracy to reduce cartridges and shells wasted, sighting range of the bore sight is 15 to 100 yards. Fast gun zeroing and sighting.


Bore sighting laser is class IIIA laser, less than 5mW, safe to use.

Specifiche del prodotto

  • [Class IIIA laser] This green laser zeroing boresighter has a power output of less than 5mW and a wavelength of 510-520nm, classified as Class IIIA.
  • [Highly accurate aiming] The Feyachi 9mm Green Bore Sight Laser provides a bright and clear red dot laser zeroing and aiming system, ensuring precise targeting from 30 to 300 yards.
  • [Sturdy construction] The Feyachi 9mm Green Bore Sight Laser is made from sturdy and durable brass construction, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of regular use.
  • [Compact and lightweight design] With its compact and lightweight design, this boresighter is easy to sit perfectly in the bore, making it a portable and convenient accessory for all your aiming needs.
  • [Convenient battery usage] This boresighter comes with 3 sets of (9 LR41) batteries, with each set lasting for up to one hour. Simply tear off the clear plastic first, then put in new batteries. Remember to remove batteries after use.

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  • Included Components‎green bore sight